The first attraction you have to visit being to Tenerife: LORO Park

You will find among others dolphins and penguins  on that beautiful island of nature 

 The superfast trimaran ferry takes us from Tenerife to La Palma. Joachim, Gisela and Renate on board

On La Palma in 2400 m altitude: Visit to the 4.2 m Herschel-Telescope ...

Heavy and huge since Herschel is not yet equipped with active optics 

Tons of scientific instrumentation at the rear 

 The very heavy pyrex mirror while being installed 


My sad "good by" to the impressive Herschel Telescope 

At the largest single telescope on earth 

 While in construction before "First Light" in 2009

Segmented mirror with an equivalent dia. of 10.4 m 

...having a look at the real one... 

Mirror being cleaned with cold Nitrogen by a technican (see lifted cage)

Secondary mirror poiting at the horizon 

Renate and I at the bottom of the huge structure 

Altitude: 2426 m 

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