Professional / amateur cooperation observing WR 140 spectra during periastron

A unique experience

Izana (Teide) by night during our 3 weeks long mission - an ultimate place of  dreams

 Wonderfull long exposure of our galaxy and other objects taken by Daniel Lopez from this site in Tenerife

The fascinating world of professional astronomers  (Teide, Teneriffa)

MONS-Telescope on TEIDE (Teneriffa) used to collect WR140 spectra with LHIRES III spectrograph

Luisa with the Spanish 1 m IR-telescope 

Thomas with the new German 1.5 m sun telescope 

ESO Laser & tracking telescope - photo taken by the outdoor camera of the British Robotic Telescope (BRT)

The author visiting the 0.8 m Spanish telescope 

Luisa and a technican in the control room 

WR 140 Spectrum 

liege_wr140[1].pdf liege_wr140[1].pdf
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article_final.pdf article_final.pdf
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mons-mod1.pdf mons-mod1.pdf
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T_Morel2.pdf T_Morel2.pdf
Size : 255.735 Kb
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Should you be interested please feel free to download the scientific results of this campange (links above) 

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